Earning Promotions

  1. Promotions in our clan are earned as they are honored and respected positions.

  2. Promotions are considered for individuals who faithfully follow our Clan Rules and go above and beyond to help others.

  3. Elders are invited to join our Groupme chat (our messenger app).

  4. Co-leadership allows for a vote in all clan decisions/directions in a private Groupme channel.

  5. For CoC, Co-Leaders are expected to donate to all clan castle defenses in war preparation as well as declare wars at the designated days and times.

  6. For CR, Co-Leaders are expected to demonstrate leadership and model adherence to the Clan Rules.

  7. To be considered for co-leadership, clan Elders must at a minimum:

    1. Be mature (preferably 18+).

    2. Be active in Groupme.

    3. For CoC, have at least Town Hall 9 (preferably 10), non-rushed base.

    4. For CR, consistently earn 30+ crowns during Crown Events and 100+ donations.

    5. Demonstrate leadership/encouragement to all members.

    6. Consistently donate more than they receive.